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Soon an edito !!! .


Episode 52 by Moriya ,10-31-2006
Ok, we finally finished the 52, after long wait of a year LOL. anyway... we will use remaster dvd source as RAW from now on.

I still need an expert Translator or Translator checker, Editors, and Quality Check to speed up our future release.

Drop by Rizon and msg me Moriya... If i'm away, let msn info or something


Episode 49 by luminaria ,08-04-2005
Well, we managed to get another episode released... About 4 months after releasing 48 ^_^

We're soon approaching the half-way point in the series and are on track to getting to ep 57 in another month or two. Look for 50 and 51 (hopefully) soon.

Ooops! by luminaria ,06-01-2005
So we didn't have a release. Bet you saw that comming huh? Whatever ep we're on is still in TL chek right now so you'll have to wait a bit more for the release, sory.

As usual, if anyone wants to help fansub and feels they'd be an asset to seiya fans worldwide, email us or come by our irc channel and speak with an op.

49 by luminaria ,05-21-2005
Ep 49 is being translation-checked as we speak. Release possibly this week!

Double release by luminaria ,04-16-2005
This month is AznAnime's 2-year aniversary of fansubbing Saint Seiya. In celebration of that we have episodes 47 and 48 now available for download. Why 2 you ask? Because we love you. Or, I think it's because we love Saori-san... maybe I just love Saori-san :D

We have 2 bots in the channel now. the torrent can be found on our torrent page or from http://www.point-blank.cc:7000/

Update by luminaria ,03-04-2005
Time for the monthly update. Episodes 47 & 48 are currently being translation-checked. Over and out... till next month.

ZOMG!!11 Seiya by luminaria ,02-11-2005
Yep, that's right, it's release time again here at aznanime. Episode 46 is released and would have been released yesterday, but there were a couple mistakes I forgot to correct in the script. The date tag on the title screen still read January 2004, which is when this finished getting typeset... kind of a clue as to how slow we are to get things to release -_-

It's available on bt yada yada yada, there might be a bot with it perhaps, but you'll have to check the channel topic for that.

*if you want to see sieya faster, help us fansub*

Happy New Year by luminaria ,12-30-2004
For our last release of 2004, Saint Seiya 45 is now available =)

Tenkai-hen has been released!!! by luminaria ,12-09-2004
It's been several months in the making, but Spectre-Anime and AznAnime have joined forces once again to bring you the best Saint Seiya release anywhere.

Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter ~Overture~ has been released and is available on bittorrent and on xdcc bots in SpA's channel.

http://a.scarywater.net/spa/ for the torrent.

Activity! by luminaria ,12-05-2004
Normaly we dont post the status of in-progress stuff in the news, but it's been so long I thought that we should let everyone know.

Saint Seiya Tenkai-hen ~Overture~ is _finaly_ out of qc and should be released early this week, no distro problems pending.

Update by luminaria ,11-13-2004
We're not dead, really!

Just so everyone knows, I finished editing 45 a day or two ago and our joint project with SpA is almost out of QC. Be patient everyone =)

Torrent Problems by luminaria ,10-22-2004
If you're having problems getting the torrent to work, make sure you're right-clicking and save-target-as to retrieve the torrent file and not leftclicking it. IE has some kind of problem with file names that contain [ or ].

Read http://btfaq.com/serve/cache/35.html for more info.

Release by luminaria ,10-22-2004
Saint Seiya TV 44 is out on BT, should be in the channel this weekend.

Our special release with SpA is almost done as well, keep your fingers crossed ;)

Batch Torrents by luminaria ,10-14-2004
By popular request, we've converted all our old saint seiya torrents into 4 episode batches, starting from episode 1. Now's a good time to catch up on older eps if you weren't following the series from the start.

New Release by luminaria ,09-26-2004
Saint Seiya 43 is out. It'll be seeded on bittorrent latter this evening. Stop by the channel to find out about high-speed web download where you can get it now =)

New Release by luminaria ,09-11-2004
Seiya 42 is out. Get it while it's hot, and seeded.

New email address by luminaria ,09-07-2004
We're moving over to gmail. If you'd like to email us please use AznAnime@gmail.com instead of the old hotmail address. Thanks.

Updates by luminaria ,09-05-2004
Instead of having the channel +R we're banning anyone that returns an error on a ctcp version request or if found to be using Bottler. You've been warned.

On a happy note, episode 42 is almost ready to release, and 43 has finished timing.

Channel changes by luminaria ,08-10-2004
Due to the exessive join\part flooding from bots latley, the channel is now +R. You'll need to identify to your registered nick to join the channel. If you dont know how to identify, or register your nick, type "/ns help register" in the status window.

Shameless Rant... by luminaria ,08-07-2004
I just answered a few emails about how to get previous episodes of saint seiya, as more and more people are new to us as we make our way through everyone's favorite armor-anime. It sucks always telling people that their chances of getting any of the older episodes is next to none, which is why yet again I'll ask everyone this...

Please help us with distrobution. Torrents die out days after episodes are released and only one non-direct staff memeber even servs saint seiya in our channel. I know not everyone has an ISP that really lets you upload at any decent rate, say above 30k, but I'm sure that a handfull of you do, or are on edu lines.

Start an fserv, start a bot. If you dont know how to get those set up you can ask us and we'll help you get started. People who serv get releases first when our ftp is working so please, help us out, help your seiya friends out.

New Release by luminaria ,08-01-2004
Saint Seiya 41 was released yesterday. Get it through the normal methods and keep your torrent clients connected as long as you can, please.

New Release by luminaria ,07-11-2004
Saint Seiya 40 is out. Our apologizes for the video quality. A crappy raw along with the animation staff taking a vacation and letting their 5 year old kids do the work is never a good thing >_>

Old Torrents by luminaria ,07-09-2004
I'm going to take down our old torrents that are on the tracker after this weekend. They've been up for a long time and nobody is seeding them anymore so I'm guessing everyone's gotten what they wanted as of yet. The Hades special will stay up as that one still has activity.

Tracker Update by luminaria ,07-05-2004
Our bittorrent tracker got an update recently that prevents users of older, out of date clients from connecting to torrents. This ensures better performance for everyone so you're encouraged to upgrade whichever client you're using to the latest version. The banned client versions are as follows: Official 3.4.1 and below, Shadow's Experimental, Azureus 2.0.x, and soon perhaps Bittornado 0.2.0 or below.

Seiya 39 Released by luminaria ,06-20-2004
Episode 39 of Saint Seiya is out. Lots of good stuff happening in this ep, brining us even closer to the climax of the Sanctuary Saga. Get it in the usual places and please, keep your bittorrent connection open for as long as you can so everyone can get the episode faster.

Hades Special Released by luminaria ,06-10-2004
In a joint operation with Spectre-Anime (#spectre-anime@irc.aniverse.com www.spectreanime.com) AznAnime is happy to release the special to Saint Seiya Hades.

and editing were handled by SpA, while AznAnime took care of timing, typesetting, and encoding. We both worked on the QC
together as we have some light differences between our naming styles in the series and in the end we have this great
piece of fansubbed Seiya

Just a word of warning. The special contains massive spoilers for Saint Seiya TV and reveals a large portion of the background story to the series. If you absolutley dont't want to have things spoiled hold off on watching this. Although at the rate we're able to get Seiya TV eps released, it probably doesnt matter :D

Also, Xvid 1.0.1 is out. A bugfix release from 1.0 and has a few important encoder & decoder fixes.

Just a few comments by luminaria ,05-29-2004
Just so everyone knows, the forums are pretty dead for us. We're a small group and nobody goes on them so if you need to get in touch with us come talk to an Op in the IRC channel or use email as backup, I check that once or twice a week generaly.

Second, someone on the forums expressed their dissapointment with the rate at which we release Saint Seiya. We know we release slow, we dont need you to tell us that. Would we like to release faster, absolutley, but not through cutting corners in our work. We run on limited staff and have hold-ups for various reasons but we do our best and are proud of the episodes that we release to everyone.

If you want to see SS come out faster come work with us. We always could you extra staff in basically every department. Help the problem out, don't just complain and expect it to get any better.

Seiya 38 Released by luminaria ,05-27-2004
Episode 38 of Saint Seiya is now available.

File:[[AznA]Saint Seiya TV - 038.avi]
Size:[183,545,856 Bytes] - CRC-32:[5678D17C]

Get it on Bittorrent for now.

Update by luminaria ,05-27-2004
Just a few updates that are worth mentioning.

Xvid is now in full release status with xvid 1.0. It's recomended that you upgrade, head to www.doom9.org to pick up the new build.

Seiya is still moving along and we are planning on releasing episode 38 within a few days. School is out so our distro services have taken a big hit. If you can be a dedicated BT seeder, dedicated fserv, or host an xdcc bot please PM an op in the channel.

Tokyo Godfathers by luminaria ,04-29-2004
[AznA]Tokyo Godfathers [5C143FEA] [XviD].avi is now available on bittorrent and a bot in the channel. Enjoy =)

Seiya 37 Released by ,04-27-2004
Last night early morning aznanime released Seiya 37

[AznA]Saint Seiya TV - 037 [3B98DB73] [XviD].avi.

Hope you enjoy it as it's one of the more powerfull episodes yet and provides alot of forshadowing of events yet to come

Quick Update by luminaria ,04-22-2004
This past weekend we released episode 2 of our saint seiya remastered series.

[AznA]Saint Seiya TV - 002 [RemasterDVD] [B94A7EAA].avi

224,839,680 Bytes

Enjoy =)

New website by bakaneko ,04-15-2004
Hey! Welcome to our new website. Brought to you by fly`. Pretty neat huh?

Big Update Time by luminaria ,04-01-2004
Well, it's been a month almost since the last news post (and god knows how long since our site got updated). Since the last news post Saint Seiya 33 & 34 got released. Midterms\Finals are coming up for some of our staff so there is a short delay on 35's release BUT IT IS COMMING =)

36 & 37 are also in various stages of completion right now, so dont worry, we're still trying our best to bring you great seiya. Start looking for our re-mastered releases soon.

We've had 2 dvd releases this week. Kazemakaze Tsukikage Ran 1-13 and Black Magic M-66: A wandering samurai parody from the same person behind Jubei-chan and one of Masamune Shiro's more classic works and one of my favorite action movies.

Kaze and Black Magic are both available on BT, and on a bot in our channel, probably... As usual if you're going to use BT keep your client open as long as you can. Seeding is hard for us as we have little to know distro capabilities as it is. If anyone doesn't want to fserv but can use BT we're looking for dedicated seeds right now. Drop a line to any Op in the channel.

I'll put up CRC's for the new dvd eps tomorow sometime.

Untill next month?

Double Release! by luminaria ,03-07-2004
Two episodes of Saint Seiya in the same day? Are we nuts?

Yes. Very.

[AznA]Saint Seiya TV - 032 [4BFBFD6A] [XviD].avi

[AznA]Saint Seiya TV - 033 [B36E682F] [XviD].avi

Are now availble in chan latter this evening, and on BT now.

If anyone has playback problems these eps are Xvid 1.0rc3

New server : Part II by luminaria ,02-27-2004
Aniverse is now under DDoS attacks as well. We've registered our channel on irc.rizon.net, along with 90% of the mircx anime fansub comunity. If it's not in your server list you can add it youself. Rizon listened on ports 6660-6669,7000.

Goodbye Mircx by luminaria ,02-22-2004
All irc services have been halted on the Mircx servers because of the ddos attacks and might not be brought back up. In the meantime we'll be moving back to aniverse (who as Im writing this is down for a server updgrade) as a temporary or permanent move

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